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The First 20

I recently passed 2,600 followers, and I would just like to thank all of you people out there, who follow and reblog and continue to appreciate The Last of Us for the amazing game it is. And I would really like to thank the followers who have been with me since the beginning. Here is a shout out to my first 20 followers, and if you aren’t already following them, you definitely should be!

*Blogs in bold are devoted video game blogs/or reblog video game stuff

1. wedontgivethatup
2. thegoldlily
3. juditgrunge
4. hylianraider
5. cupcakeloverblog
6. bishop0904
7. smilagameusegeek
8. hardened-survivor
9. pokemonwithmustaches
10. myworld-myway21
11. strawbriii
12. rrenj
13. apocalypticmomentum
14. abbstractedmind
15. cowboy1182
16. draculaxxii
17. ask—carl-grimes
18. wolfsdestiny
19. elcorr
20. playstationpersuasion

Both my blogs are in the list. Dope.

Thank you!

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